Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bangles and Bracelets Galore!

For a really long time now I have wanted to invest in a wrist-full of bangles and bracelets. When I was younger I used to wear homemade friendship bracelets, other peoples hospital bands, arcade bracelets, and bracelets made out of guitar strings. Every once in a while my mom would convince me that they were gross and dirty ironically at the same time as a high school dance. To this day I still love the idea. I am just looking for a way to make it a tad bit more sophisticated. I'm having a really hard time deciding which ones to get and how much money I feel like investing in this whole thing. I'm going to share a bunch with you to help me organize my thoughts!

I'll start by showing you a few of the different collections of bangles that I have particularly enjoyed.

Clearly, it would be easiest to buy a set kind of like this one from Free People, but I think that I would rather buy a few different ones and try to make my own unique collection.

I have already purchased this Lucky Brand one with a leather strap as kind of a starter or possibly just a fill in until I find ones I really would like. It has both gold and silver in it so I can go either way or mix and match.

These are the some of the ones that I was looking at:

I love this horseshoe House of Harlow 1960 one (not only is it Nicole Richie, but when I was younger I had so much horseshoe jewelry!) It comes in both gold and silver and is about $45:

This bracelet is made from Indonesian Horn and sold at the Pinguim's Etsy shop for $140:

I love this distressed green leather strap with stud details from the Tamisloan Etsy shop for $39:

To display my love for elephants I discovered this Etsy bracelet from the StellaSavesTheDay Shop for $36:

Free People has this great leather cuff for $28 that would fill up my wrist quickly and help me save a lot of money:

I think that this simple set of Lucky Brand gold and silver bangles is such a great addition to a wrist for only $25:

These bracelets are $26 from Fossil and intended for charms, but I think they're great plain:

I'm not usually a huge Juicy Couture fan, but these $58 bracelets are bomb!

Eco-Friendly Feather Bracelet by Alex and Ani for $50:

On I found this unique Fossil $42 bracelet with awesome colors and designs:

Disney Couture Cinderella cuff that says 'Have faith in your dreams' for $45:

Its only natural that I would love this $68 mustard Marc Jacobs signature bangle:

This braided leather Bottega Veneta is a little pricey at $160, but the color is fabulous:

It would be totally awesome if I could afford a Hermes H Bracelet like one of these... Maybe one day!

Really, I think the biggest problem with bracelet purchases is that I don't know where I want to go with it. Once I pick a direction I can definitely get there, but I can't decide if I want hard or soft, bright colors or neutrals. For it to look okay I am going to have to make one big decision and stick with it or it's all just going to end up crazy. My only other option would be to just keep investing in awesome bracelets and then just throw on whichever ones I think look best for that day. I kind of like that idea the most so far. Of course, its the most expensive idea! Except, I might miss the consistency of wearing the same ones everyday. Thats what I like about sets of bracelets like that, they pretty much go with everything. 

If I ever take the plunge to make the purchases and start wearing sets of bracelets everyday I will surely take a photo and share with all of you what I got. As well as, keep track of how much money I end up spending on all of them.


  1. you always post the best pictures! all of these bracelets are great. and as for the 30 for 30...i agree. it's a tough sell. i mean, i could give up the shopping. it's the small selection of clothes that bothers me. i just don't do that much laundry lol!